Tuesday, 11 January 2011

List of Thriller Sub-Genres and Which Inspires You At the Moment and Why?

They are different forms of thriller genres which can be placed in a film, this variation is called a hybrid movie as it is a thriller film which is fused with other forms of genres.

The following below are forms of hybrid thriller movies:

Political thriler- The firm
Innocent on the run- Enemy at the state
Aquired identity- Momento
Psychological thriller- The shining
Murderous passion- Fatal attractions
Supernatura thriller- Signs
Action- Phone Booth

Sub generes such as Action thrillers are inspiring, they are made to built reaction from the audience. They are very entertaining and pulsating to watch as they create a reaction from the audience through either; fear, shock, threat and high tempo music when used in chases and danger scenes. Phone booth has elements in it which creates chilling action scenes. When the main character Stu is troubled by a caller from one of the tower blocks around him and is forced to do the actions that the caller requires and if the terms are refused Stu would die. This concept is chilling but the plotted scenes where the police are trying to track the caller when Stu makes a public display as a result of passer bys notice something wrong. Stu's wife and the woman his having an affair with come and try to talk to him, as a result of the caller calling them previously pretending to be Stu. The caller says he'll shoot at one of the women and Stu should make a decision and tell the caller who he wants to be with and who he should get rid off 'murder' Stu knows the caller isnt lieng as he shot at part of the window of the phone booth before to prove he wasn't playing about. The aspect of wether the police will track the killer in time, if Stu will choose who to kill from the two woman and whether he wll die himself is filled with threat, adrenaline and questioning. These aspects in the film are what inspires me to adapt in my own thriller opening so it has variation and is entertaining for the audience.

Below is a  trailer clip from Phone Booth.

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