Thursday, 6 January 2011

List of Thriller Sub-Genres and Which Inspires You At the Moment and Why

Below is a list of thriller sub genres
  • Action Thriller                   e.g Deja Vu
  • Political Thriller                e.g Enemy of the state 
  • Supernatural Thrillers       e.g What lies beneath
  • Crime Thriller                    e.g Reservoir Dogs
  • Psychological Thrillers      e.g Momento
  • Murderous Passions           e.g Fatal attractions
The sub-genre that i find the most interesting at the moment are the action thrillers as i find them more entertaining to watch than the other genres, however i think it would be easier and more realistic for our group to do a psychogical thriller because we dont have a big budget for lots of explosions and guns which are typical to the action genres. 
The reason i favour psychological thrillers over the other sub-genres is because psychological thrillers are more gripping and relevant to the audience, where the audience can usually relate to some aspects of the film e.g the location, aspects about the characters such as Jobs, family and other common life problems.  
This sub-genre also has an interesting way of getting into the audiences mind and making us feel uncomfortable, it keeps us 'on the edge of our seats' and is masterful at creating suspense.
(A Shot from the movie 'The Shining', which was a famous movie released in 1980. This movie has inspired and revolutionised many aspects with psychological thrillers created today.)

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