Friday, 28 January 2011

Introduction to Editing

In lesson, our group learned to edit our short movie ‘bag swap’ which we had filmed the previous lesson. We used the software ‘final cut pro’ and began by importing our clips.
We combined our different clips together and tried to make ‘smooth’ transitions between them by using the ‘in’ and ‘out’ buttons to select where our clips would start and end.
Final cut pro has two screens for video playback, on the left hand side, the clip that we wish to edit is played and after we have edited the clip they play on the right hand side.
 While we were editing we decided to use a transition effect, more specifically a ‘fade in’ at first we done this just for practice but after we decided that it didn’t suit our film so we removed it.

This lesson was a great experience and taught us all how to use ‘Final cut pro’ so we should be able to edit our Real final movie with no problems.

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