Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction to Editing: SKILLS

On Tuesday 18th January 2011:

Me and my group learned to edit clips on Final cut pro. We first imported our movie into Final cut pro where our movie will be edited. After this process we started to choose our movie order from sequential order. This is displayed through the Time Line. They are all in order after one another.
In the left hand side of the screen we have the scene that we want to edit, and then after we have edited the scene, the all clip will appear on the right hand side.

Subsequently we began to edit our clips to make sure we kept parts of the clip that we wanted and got rid of the other parts. We did this was by using he buttons 'IN' and OUT'. During the beginning of the scene we added a Transition Effect in order to practise our skills on editing. We added a fade in and out in the beginning of the scene to make it look professional. So the film starts with a fade in but then we decided not to use this fade in effect due to the fact that it wasn't appropriate for our film and did not fit nicely into context.

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