Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Introduction to Editing

On Tuesday 18th January 2011:
Today in my group, we got to edit our short movie with the 'Bag Swap'. We got to combine all our clips together creating a natural flow in our Movie. We used the 'In' and 'Out' button on the Mac Computer to know where we want the particular clip to start so that it flows with the other clips. We also were able to use the transition effects on our movie, I experimented around with these effects, I saw what happened when i used the Glow effect, i saw what happens when i used the in and out Dissolve effect, this one i particularly like because it looks very professional. So we decided to use this Dissolve effect in the beginning of he movie. The whole experience gave me and my group an understanding of what and how to use the 'Final Cut Pro' system and how to use this system to edit our real final movies. It made us aware of how to use it and how we are going to implement this in our real movie.

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