Monday, 17 January 2011

Introduction to camera skills

In lesson Tuesday 11th January 2011 my media as class began our health and safety regulation tutorial on how to operate the expensive camera equipment given to use by the college. The lesson was based on learning how to operate and being responsible with the equipment as it will be are tool fro creating our thriller opening. I was show how to work the camera in terms of filming and was assisted in which buttons controlled the various functions of the camera.

The following below are the rules when operating a camera.

  1. Never film at dangerous locations. Areas with traffic or railways as this can risk your safety
  2. Never commit illegal activities when filming e.g. vadalism or graffiti as this can cause you or even your whole group to be disqualified from AS media course
  3. Never touch the lens of the camera as this can effect the quality when recording takes place and this is the most expensive section of the camera so this rule limits the possibility of damaging the equipment
  4. Always return equipment on time to the college as there is a limited amount of camera's approximately 15 in the college and other groups would need to borrow the cameras so they can do there filming aswell.
The Bag swap

In lesson we viewed a bag swap in the film Collateral and the camera techniques used in the scene. There was suspensful music to assist the build up of the Bag swap between the characters in the film. camera shots such as close ups and medium close ups were used on the two characters. the close was used mainely on the bags when the bags are exchanged. This scene in the movie is an example of intertextuality which has been used to produce a scene.

This scene inspired my group in making a replica of what we saw in the movie Collateral. We had eliments in the film but altered them to fit in with our story line in which a college boy meets his friends down his the college steps says hi and bye then the camera follows him down the steps until he spots a strange bag at the end of the steps which he unwillingly picks up.

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