Friday, 14 January 2011

Analysing The Title Sequence And What Makes It Inspirational?

I have analysed the title sequence for ‘The Stepfather’, I also found many inspirational aspects from these title sequence and have I am considering replicate some of its brilliant techniques used.

We are first introduced to David while he is in the toilet, David has a shower, and then shaves his beard from a relatively long length to having completely no hair, he subsequently replaces he very big classes with blue contact lenses. By the time he has finished, his appearance completely changes. Later on in the title sequence we find out he has killed his whole family. The first impression I get is that he is trying to change his identity as he is a cereal killer. 

Immediately through this, the audience may have expectation of violence and secret activities. This is one aspect of the title sequence which I genuinely find interesting and have been inspired by. This is because by this point the director has already made the audience have sympathy upon the dead family, which may cause the audience to feel emotionally engaged, making them cautious about what is yet to come.

Production and distribution companies:

·         Screen Gem
·         Screen Gem presents
·         Maverick films
·         Imprint entertainment
·         Granada presents

Information that is included in the Title Sequence:

  • Music supervisor
  • Casting by
  • Edited by
  • Production designer
  • Costume designer

Title Sequence Timeline

·         15 seconds: Film Starts,
·         22 seconds: Screen Gem Presents,
·         29 seconds: Maverick Films/Imprint Entertainment,
·         52 seconds: Granada Presents, Stepfather
·         57 seconds: First Actor
·         1 minute 1 seconds: Second Actor
·         1 minute 5 seconds: Third Actor
·         Casting By: 2 minute 13 seconds
·         Music By: 2 minute 30 seconds
·         Edited By: 2 minute 42 seconds
·         Production Designer: 2 minute 49 seconds

The film title, The Step Father is placed at the bottom left of the screen when we are 52 seconds into the film, this is also when the main actor, David is shaving.

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