Thursday, 13 January 2011

Introducion to Cameras: SKILLS

On Tuesday 11th January 2011 Group 13 was introduced to the safety hazards of working a Film Camera. What I learnt in that lesson was valuable skills and responsibilities that i would be using in the future when we as group begin filming.

The Safety features when using the camera are:
  1. Never expose the Camera to water e.g. Rain
  2. Never film in dangerous locations e.g. Railways
  3. Never commit a Felony when recording e.g Vandalising
We were also introduced in how to work the Camera, I learnt that if I was to be recording n a dark room, where the light intensity isn't really good, then I would pres the GAIN button which would intensify any light exposure in limited area such as a dark room.

The Bag Swap

In class we watched the Bag Swap footage from the film 'Collateral'.
What was particularly suspenseful were the gripping music played in the background as well as the Camera Shots of the Close Ups of the two main character and the Medium Close Ups of the bags being deliberately placed near each other so when the exchange happens, they take the bags from a cross of each other, then act like nothing suspicious has happened. My favourite scene is when they finish the exchange, we get a close up of Tom Cruise's side of the face.

Now what we as a group had to do was to recreate our own bag swap scene using a minimum of 12 shots creating a sense of suspense and tension just like the film 'Collateral'. When we started filming, what i found difficult was how to re-vision what the shot looked from my mind to real life and being captured by the camera.  What i enjoyed the most was the experience of feeling like a true Producer/Director. Before we as a group even started to film, we had to create a storyboard of what we hope to achieve when we film. This gave me a chance to experiment with ideas and see if they were possible or just overly ambitious.  Our scene starts from the normality of the main first character walking down the stairs where there are ordinary people sitting down on the stairs. We the follow the character from his footsteps, the we finally have him at he bottom of the stairs where he sees the bag then...

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