Saturday, 8 January 2011


The definition of intertuaxulity is: A term to describe the visual referencing between films. Quite literally, films 'borrow' from eatch other, and you may recognise certain camera angles, aspects of mise en scene, snippets of sound or methods of editing in some films you have seen in others.

Intertexuality is used as inspiration for the new generation of directors to borrow eliments that were used before and display them in their own films. The Director of Psycho, Alfred's Hitchcocks's famous shower scene has been employed in many suspense thriller films such as:  The Stepfather, What Lies Beneath, Fatal Attractions and Succubus. Some of the few aspects borrowed that refer to bathroom scenes would range fom white shower curtains, Bird eyes/ High angle view of the shower, the stereotypical  scene of a woman bathing without knowing danger is upon her and curtain rings popping and falling after a murder takes place. High adrenaline scenes like corrridor chasing, glass breaking across floors and weapons being used the most common being a long blade. These things are used to cause visual threat, fear, adrenaline and a thrill for the audience and the victim in the movie. Death is a mojar theme in suspence thrillers and how they die can have resemblances from inspired films, murders are usually bloody and quick.

Alfred's Hitchcocks's Pshyco:

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