Tuesday, 4 January 2011

How is Suspense Created in the Film you Watched in Class?

Whilst watching The Stepfather, look for at least three examples
of a suspenseful moment.
List each of the examples and note down:
  1. What Happens in the Scene
  2. What makes it Suspenseful
Example 1:

In the beginning when we realise that the stepfather has killed the family, the stepfather stands in front of the door with he camera positioned at the back of him in a medium close up shot. Then suddenly the camera starts to shake and zoom in at the back of him while a high pitch music is being played at the background, it made me feel all uncomfortable.

Example 2:

When the stepfather kills the old lady with the cats, the suspenseful moment is before when the old woman dies when there is a false plateau of him looking at her from the behind, and as soon as the old lady starts to investigate if its the stepfather, the cat jumps out from behind the wall.

Example 3:

When the stepfather is looking through the blinds, his whole body is covered in the shadow/dark, but his eyes are left in the light where we see his feelings though those piercing eyes which are very sinister. It made me feel hat he was up to something that's going to be very bad like  killing.

Which Aspects of this Film might Influence your own Film:

The aspects that will influence my interpretation during the making of my film is the music because the music is vital for bringing up tension. It makes me as an audience member fell uncomfortable and insecure as I don't know whats going to happen next.
Also, light and darkness plays a vital role in a film because it portrays the emotions of the characters for example: LIGHT=happy   DARK=sinister.
Another aspects is Alfred's Hitchcock's "Bomb Theory" = audience knows something that the character doesn't. Example: Stepfather who is a family killer talk to woman in the shop.

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