Monday, 31 January 2011

Genre and AUDIENCE

1)      How many suspense films were released in 2009? How many films were released altogether last year?

In the year of 2009 31 suspense films were released. When the values of all the films are summed to together last year it comes to the amount of 503 films which were released in the UK in the year 2009.

2)     Action, animation and comedy account from 52% of Box Office in the UK in 2009. Why do you think these genres are so popular?

In my opinion I believe that these genres are popular to the public as a result that young teenagers are the majority who go to view these films. This is on average more than half of the population in the UK.

3)     Why do you think Thrillers account from quite a low proportion of UK Box Office takings (4% in 2009)?

In my opinion I believe this is because of the age restriction which is placed on the films. They exclude those who are below the age of 15 which, this therefore excludes the amount of viewing resulting in a backdrop of viewings and box office takings.

4)     Looking at the 'genre by gender' diagram above, what information can be derived about Thriller audiences and gender?

The information which has been placed from the diagram named ‘Genre by Genre’ Thrillers are more likely to be watched by the gender of male viewers, this shows they are more interested to watch thriller movies. A reason could be that male viewers enjoy the action, adrenaline, threat and fear which is displayed in films. On contrast the Female gender is more appealed by, romance, suspense and period drams films.

5) Look at the age certificate for 10 of the films featured on the teaching blog. What does this tell you about Thriller audiences?
Here are 10 Thriller Movies that I selected:

You can see that most of these thrillers have the age certificate rating of 15 or above. This will verify that most thriller movies have a targeting age. The fact they have a target group this is why 2009 box offices in the UK reached the amount of 4% which consequently ends up resulting in the gross income of £42,578,104. This can show that a minute number of teenagers are now attending cinemas to view films. In addition it could be a result of a higher population of teenagers who are segregated due to the certificate ratings who are not permitted to watch these thrillers, who are affecting a certain amount of the gross income. The animation films are doing very well in terms of creating money this is because in 2009 they established an amount of £159,209,734 in UK box offices.

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