Friday, 21 January 2011


On Tuesday the 18th of january In the lesson we had in class we focused on fonts used in movie titles and sequences.

There are basically two types of Font:
  • Serif Fonts - such as times and courier. Serif Fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal then Sans Serif Fonts.
  • Sans Serif Fonts - such as Ariel and Comic Sans. Sans Serif are generally more informal, more modern and more 'friendly'.
Font Analysis
-Pearl Harbor
What does the Font PALATINO suggests as used in the promotion of Pearl Harbor?

The film title Pearl Harbour has letter of a Serif Font which its being represented by. The Large font makes the title stand out as the big lettering can reflect the importance, power, rank and superiority of Pearl Harbour. The poster has old fashion lettering which corresponds to the timeline which this film is set at. Mise en scene is shown through the airoplanes and uniforms worn by the main characters. In addition the characters are wearing what seems to be badges to show their ranking and whcih in turn relates to their position in the navy society.


The film Rocky uses the font Franklin Gothic Heavey. The Title Rocky has been expressed in bold as 'ROCKY' so it can stand out to the audience. The words are shown in this large bold form to punch at you and be eyecatching in the same way that Rocky punches at his oppenents the big Title writting is used to link with the nature of the characters name.

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