Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Font Analysis: Research

On Tuesday 18th January 2011:

In class, we focused on the type of Font that we would use in the opening of our movie.

There are basically two types of Font:

Serif Fonts - Serif Fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal then Sans Serif Fonts. For example Times and Courier
Sans Serif Fonts - Sans Serif are generally more informal, more modern and more 'friendly'. For example Ariel and Comic Sans

Font analysis

What does the Font PALATINO suggests as used in the promotion of PEARL HARBOR?
Peal Harbour -

Pearl Harbour the film is represented by the bold capital letters on used for the titles. It is a Serif Font which really stands out. They have used BIG strong lettering to connote the strength of Pearl Harbour. The film is old so the lettering is old fashion to show association with Pearl Harbour. It is a film that's which takes the audience back to the time of the incident. The positioning of the images in the Poster for example we have the three main characters at the top looking strong and powerful, the title at the bottoms also looking big to connote their importance. In addition the characters are wearing what badges to show their ranking, which again ultimately relates to their position in the navy society, showing they at the top.

Rocky -

Rocky uses the font Franklin Gothic Heavy. The word ROCKY is in bold and is inevitably massive that it can not even fit inside the poster, this connote punches as it is in our face, Its almost punching through the poster .This relates to Rocky position in the film, a boxer. It is as Sans Serif Font, its much less formal and more entertaining. The character Rocky is a simple ordinary character so the font effects are in line with his personality, being a modern, less formal and basic character. 

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