Thursday, 13 January 2011

Detailed Analysis Of Thriller Movie (Jaws)

In lesson, we watched a few thriller clips to show the different types of ways suspense can be used to make the audience what to know more are can have them on the edge of their seats. The sub-genre of this movie is murderous and action thriller

The film Jaws entails a story line the film all begins, when a gigantic great white shark commences to menace the small island community of Amity, a marine scientist, police chief and grizzled fisherman attempt to stop it.

Many films use suspenseful techniques in order the audience to react physically, which is called false plateau. JAWS have used this particular technique in a very effective way.

The directors make the viewers believe that something terrible is about to happen, by using intense music and building up tension, in this clip, we the audience are first shown a sense of normality and equilibrium, alongside the audience are still given the feeling that something terrible will happen due to the camera angels, one example of this is when we are shown a shot under the water, we can also see the kids floating whilst kicking their legs under the water. This type of shot could be emphasises the audience is in the point of view of the shark itself. The music then starts as soon as one of the extra characters notices the shark and begins to panic and swim back to shore the camera shows a fast paste cross cut. The editing takes us from one situation, under the water from the sharks POV, subsequently back to the children playing, it takes us from these two prospective back and fourth to emphasise they are linked.

The entire suspense is build because the audience are expecting something to happen making them feel sympathy for the characters and wanting them to escape from the shark. This is because when sharks usually hunt their prey they are deep in the water looking up and then they secretly attack prey, at this point its either a sudden death or a very near miss, with this in the audiences mind, this will become a extremely suspenseful moment.

Even though the audience have not seen the shark yet and are not certain one is there, based on the emphasise that the shark may actually be there will make the audience feel cautious. Giving them an impression they are about to see a distribution of the equilibrium, therefore builds suspense as the audience are on the edge of their seats waiting for something to happen.

Once the beach is empty from all swimmers, the audience find out that it was only a prank by two small kids. Consequently this will release the suspense from the audience, making them think that the potential deaths are over and that everyone is safe. Then we the audience see a real shark attack, leaving us caught off guard and therefore there may be more of an emotional effect towards the audience.

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