Saturday, 8 January 2011

Detailed analysis of Thriller clip

The clip i will be analysing is from the movie 'Enemy of The State'. This movie is under the Sub-Genre of Political Thriller. A political Thriller is a thriller that relates to various political power stuggles and national or international political scenarios.

During the opening sequence the first things we see are various famous locations such as the washington monument and the white house etc, which are some of the most important political places and seats of power in america, these shots are also a clear giveaway of the type of thriller the movie is. 

The camera work consisted mainly of high angle shots, which gave us the feeling of being watched, as if we were criminals being tracked by police and made us feel insecure, apprehensive and exposed.

The editing consists of very fast paced shots which changed every few seconds, the editing showed various glimpses of crimes being committed from different points of view like security cameras and police helicopters. The sound matches the fast paced editing during the montage of action clips and sounded somewhat sinister and foreboding. It also gave me the impression of corruption with all the crime clips and ominous sounding music, which could be a indication as to what plot of the movie is about.

The titles were in a plain white colour and had a font that looked as if they had been typed from a computer, which matches the technological feel we get from the editing. The transitions were fast and popped in and out quickly, usually near the bottom left or right of the screen.

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