Saturday, 8 January 2011

Analysing the title sequence

In the lesson we viewed a suspence thriller opening from the movie named The Stepfather, in which we analysed the times that the credits where shown on the clip

1. State the Production and Distribution companies. How are they Introduced? What purpose do they serve at  the start of the Movie?
  • Screen Gem
  • Screen Gem presents
  • Marverick films
  • Imprint entertainment
  • Granada presents
2.. List the information that is included in the title sequence
  • Music superviser
  • Casting by
  • Edited by
  • Production designer
  • Costume designer
3. Title Sequence Timeline: enter the start and end times of the film opening, and then the plot the title sequence along the line:

Im now going to display the times in which the sequences run. The sequence collection was conducted in my group:
  • 15 seconds: Film Starts,
  • 22 seconds: ScreenGem Presents,
  • 29 seconds: Maverick Films/Imprint Entertainment,
  • 52 seconds: Granada Presents, Stepfather
  • 57 seconds: First Actor
  • 1 minute 1 seconds: Second Actor
  • 1 minute 5 seconds: Third Actor
  •  Casting By: 2 minute 13 seconds
  • Music By: 2 minute 30 seconds
  • Edited By: 2 minute 42 seconds
  • Production Designer: 2 minute 49 seconds
4. The Film Title: where is it placed? Start middle end?

The film title The Step Father is placed in after 52 seconds at the bottom left of the screen when the main actor is in the scene shaving.

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