Friday, 14 January 2011

Analysing The Title Sequence And What Makes It Inspirational?

I have analysed the title sequence for Memento, I also found many aspects from these title sequence inspirational and have decided maybe replicate some of its brilliant techniques.

Firstly at the beginning of the scene, the first impression that you get of the movie is from a photograph which includes an image of a dead body that is sheltered in blood. Immediately we are asking questions like whose dead body is it? who killed this person and why. We are taken into the movie with expectations of violence, and suffering, which can be emotionally engaging. This is one aspect of the title sequence that I find interesting and inspirational because the director already by this point has audience engaged and probably on the edge of their seats looking for a possible explanation through concentrating
what is yet to come.

Production and distribution companies

·         New Market
·         New Market Presents
·         In Association with Summit Entertainment
·         A Team Todd Production

Information that is included in the Title Sequence:

·         A Film By Christopher Nolan
·         Film title - Memento
·         Music producer
·         Costume Designer
·         Editor
·         Production Designer
·         Director of Photography

Title Sequence Timeline

·         0.03 seconds: Film starts
·         0.08 seconds: New Market Presents
·         12 seconds: Summit Entertainment
·         0.16 seconds: Team Todd Production
·         21 seconds: A Film By Christopher Nolan
·         25 seconds: First Actor
·         30 seconds: Second Actor
·         35 seconds: Third Actor
·         39 seconds: Memento
·         59 seconds: Casting By
·         1 minute 3 seconds: Music producer
·         1 minute 7 seconds: Costume Designer
·         1 minute 12 seconds: Editor
·         1 minute 16 seconds: Production Designer

The film title, Memento is placed at the middle of the screen when we are 32 seconds into the film, which is conventional of the thriller genre

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