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Il Est Fin


Evaluation (8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

When comparing the preliminary to the final production i can notice major differences. In general they're positive changes in terms of improvements. I have learned the skills to complete the final production with rectifications.

Mise en scene

In our preliminary we focused on the mise on scene to create a believable location for the audience to view.So we decided to film it in the staff kitchen, as this would create a normal environment and would not be suspected as being a place of interrogation.

These are two shots we took that presented an error as the poster o the cupboard is not shown in the second shot of the film. The screen shot on the right shows this fault.

This was taken from our filming for the Deadfall. This was the bathroom scene which we decided to not include in the final cut piece as our teachers told us it was fuzzy and a bad shot. The location was in a shower and a good form of intertextuality however the steam created complications as the lens had condensed water on it at this was also a risk factor. 


The image on the left is the title sequence of the main character in the film and on the right is his name dissolving away due to the affects on the software handbrake. A technique which we where not able to add in our preliminary production as we had a minute amount of experience with using this programme

Below is a match cut which was taken i our final piece which i believe was a technique which we improved greatly due to the fact that we never established this in our previous preliminary production.

Below is the image of the lighting in the preliminary was altered when Ayub removed the tape from Juliens mouth. This was a mistake that occurred when we altered the lighting on the lens on the camera


This shot below is a shot taken from our final production. I like this wide shot a lot due to the fact that the character is centered almost accurately in the middle of the screen. This shot is one of my favourites in our thriller movie Deadfall.

The two shot below are a contrast to a good and bad shot taken in our final production and preliminary. The shot on top is from our preliminary and there is too much space on the left of the character where as in contrast to this on the bottom is a shot from our final production which shows a balanced shot.

We worked well in perfecting our shots so that there was an even amount of spacing from the characters and the  settings they where in.


This is the programme i used for sound to be present in our final production.

This is a screen shot of me producing a soundtrack on soundtrack pro.

i was experimenting with the sound affects which i could used in order to crete a suitable soundtrack for my final production. Unlike the preliminary our sound was varied and we did not just use the same beat throughout our whole piece. We tried using low tempo soundtracks when building up the suspense and high tempo sounds when we had to create the mood of danger in our piece. 

We also experimented with the range in volume and fade affects in our sounds so that the tempo our our sounds would be altered in our final production. This was not present in our preliminary as the sound did not fade our become loud then low or vis versa but just stopped when we wanted to add the natural sounds in our short movie.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation (7) What have you learned about twchnologies from the process of constructing this product?

I will now show visual illustrations of how i have developed my abilities of using technology in order to benefit my thriller movie and blogger account.

Below is a layout of the sections that i will cover in this video tutorial.

Blogger- Write posts, embed videos, upload images. Used is to store all our research for thrillers. We were able to change post's accordingly, track changes and keep in touch with our group members.

We used the JVC cameras to actually record our footage. They were professional cameras with high quality footage that enabled us to make our films look as nice as possible.

We used memmory storage devices, usbs, memmory cards and mac hardrives.

Final Cut Pro, Live type, Sound Track Pro, Quick Time, Handbreak were all used together in order to complete a really good film. 

Mac computers will be used in order to create any producction and use technological devices.

Below is a from of technology i used in the form of video recording. This was audience feedback i got from an audience after the show on Screen on the green theatre near essex road.

This video shows the processes which i took in order to publish specific files on the blogger site.I used the programme live type to record this process.

I am now going to display the programmes which i used during the process of producing our thriller film and completing assignment on the blogger site.

The convenience with the programmes such as soundtrack pro, handbrake and final cut pro is because they can work in conjunction with each other to create a media piece. I exported soundtracks into final cut pro and used this programme to display my images with the soundtrack. Handbrake was used to create my title sequences and this programme had various abilities such as, positioning text, font sizes, font colours, backgrounds and text effects. Once the title sequence was completed final cut pro was used to place my handbrake production to be embedded into my final piece.  Blogger worked well with uploading images or videos from my files, either from google, youtube, the desktop and the mac hardrive.

Looking back at your Preliminary Task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full Product?

Q8) EVALUATION: looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product

From the preliminary task, what I have learnt about our audience during this duration was that even though I had a rough idea of who our audiences were, it never really showed through our final rough cut film. It is because I always thought that when we were making our final rough cut of our Thriller movie, it would please both the male and female audience members because firstly, we targeted the males through the use of crime and violence, and the females through the sophisticated storyline and the suspense created during the shower scene where the false plateau was created, this use of intertextuality feature from the Thriller film ‘Psycho’, hindered that something was going to happen but it never did.

But I soon realised during our Final Thriller movie when the whole class watched it, that we were not really attracting the female audiences because some of them, for example ‘Demi’ thought that the “use of both dominant male actors, brought an issue of alienating the female audiences in believing that this was targeted to a male audience”. In some ways I thought that was true because we weren’t really thinking of the female audiences for our film, because our Thriller film is a CRIME/ACTION THRILLER, which from my research, is a film that mainly pleases the male audiences. When the whole of the media groups went to watch each others Final Thriller Movies on the cinema called "Screen at the Green", I wanted to see what the audiences reaction would be especially the female side because they might have a different reaction in interpreting our film from the small screen in the classroom to the big screen in the cinema. First I received the males response of the film. 'Faysal' said that "the Thriller movie was very dramatic during the ending when Ayub suffocates Julien, the use of no sound or music at this part was very striking and scary towards an audience member". Then I received a response from a female audience member. 'Chika' said that "the movie was very good with the whole dramatic and suspenseful scene during the end, but it made me feel too scared because I would have paid and watched a more sensible and comedy Thriller movie". 

From the feedback that I gotten when they watched our Thriller movie, i expected good praises from the males because this film was targeted at them, but the female response was mixed showing that some females do like this type of movie but from the research, the majority did not like to watch our Thriller movie.  

In the preliminary movie, the piece of technology that helped us to create this product was “Final Cut Pro”. We imported all the clips onto Final Cut Pro where we edited the scenes. All of this knowledge and skills that I picked up from this task, I used during the actual editing of our Thriller opening. The issues that I found  was making the scenes flow smoothly with the next scene without any awkward stillness and camera shots.

Here is a low angle shot of Ahmed just finishing drying his hands on a towel, this exact scene ends with his hands together. But then suddenly, we get a very awkward jump shot, where his action from the previous shot with his hands together, has changed very awkwardly with him having his hands to his sides. We also get a difference in lighting. From the first shot, its very white with brightness, but then in the second shot we get a more purple colour to the scene. These mistakes we learnt from, by not repeating this in the final Thriller movie scenes.
From Preliminary Movie
 Unlike Our Final Thriller Movie, where we used Live Type for the Titles, we didn’t use it for our preliminary film because we were running out of time in doing it on Live Type. So instead we used and created the Titles on Final Cut Pro. It was much simpler and straightforward, but we didn’t get the effects that we wanted like having it fly away slowly across the screen.

We made sure that in the Final Thriller Movie, we were going to have the Titles done in Live Type. We discussed thoroughly in the effects that we wanted the Titles to have for the Thriller Movie. We exchanged and experimented with ideas then Harold found the effect that was perfect. He had found the effect that brought the titles to appear and disappear across the screen.

The car scene from BBC’s “Ashes to Ashes” challenges the convention that many films have where the white evil male character is in the back seat of the car, about to attack the black or sometimes white driver. But in Ashes to Ashes, the convention is broke with the driver being a white FEMALE character. I think the reason why they chose to have a female driver was to bring another element of fear to unexpected characters to danger. Stereotypically, she is in a situation where she is very vulnerable.  This shows towards an audience member such as myself, feel very sympathetic to her, because we don’t want her to get hurt. These feelings are very reduced when the driver is a male character because we believe that he can take care of himself. 

We challenged the convention of the car scene in “Collateral” where the bad guy who is sitting on the back seat of the car is a white person. We challenged this by having a black person in the back seat of the car playing the bad guy. In most typical films, the convention is that the white male character is always the evil serial killer out to kill the innocent, vulnerable black guy. But we chose to oppose this rule, making a clear statement that in our Thriller movie, we have surprises and twists that make our film unique so people have a good reason in watching the film.  

Scene from Preliminary Movie
Even though in the preliminary movie we didn’t use a car, we still simulated a similar situation where again we challenged the convention of a white male evil character to an Asian male evil character. We experimented with race because we felt that it would portray a message to the audience like with an Asian character, it would arouse a stereotypical persona of a terrorist. And a Black male evil character would arouse inequality of race through slavery.

From the preliminary movie, many mistakes were made which we as a group can learn from. One of the vital mistakes was the lighting issue. In the preliminary movie, we had shots where the scene started off as bright, but then it changed to a darker scene. 

So from learning the experience of the lighting issue, when we came into filming our Final Thriller movies scenes, lighting was very important. Having said that, we made a major flaw with lighting on the final movie. During the bathroom scene from the intertextuality feature from “Psycho”, most of that scene was corrupted with bad lighting; it went from light to dark and then light to dark. Also, due to the steam from the hot water coming out of the shower, the lens of the camera got blurred, so the scene was very blurry. Due to this sudden failure of lighting, we as a group discussed on the outcome of that very important shower scene that corresponds to our research where we want the day to start off normally building it up as suspense like Psycho but leading it off as a false plateau. After a long discussion, we told the teacher in what we should do and our teacher said, “You just have to take that scene out because its going to look silly in your movie”. So we took that important scene out of our Thriller movie which in the end was a god idea because that scene had many flawed areas that couldn’t be used.

My skill in ICT played a huge part in the upcoming to the Final Movie because I was able to create a personalised Production Logo for our Movie. I was also able to edit pictures that were going to be blogged up which was vial to show the evidence of the work that I did in preparation of filming. My typing skills grew much more through his project because I evaluated my work a lot in detail to show why I did a specific work. I did most of the editing on the programme "Macromedia Fireworks". This programme allowed me to edit pictures in the way that i saw fit to my pleasing. This was very good and gave me an advantage over my peers in my group because i was able to flourish my editing skills to make my work stand out from thiers.

Scene from Preliminary Movie

Mise en scene was very important in shaping up the characters persona. From the preliminary movie, we did little concentration on the mise en scene because we had limited resources.

Scene From Final Thriller Movie

However though, in our final movie, we very keen on having the correct mise en scene like the unwashed cups in the sink to show that Julien’s character has something in his mind that’s bugging him so much that he’s forgetting to do the washing.

Scene from Final Thriller Movie

The black car to connote evil, violence, foreshadowing that something bad is going to happen in that car. Most cars like in Ashes to Ashes used a black car, in my opinion for similiar purposes.

The use of the sunglasses covering his eyes show that he has no remorse what so ever to what he is about to do, he has no emotions.  The black glasses connote his black demented soul.

Sound is very important in conveying how the audience should feel. During the scene where Julien is opening the door, the music is being played to signify that something sinister I about to happen, building up that false plateau to the audience. This makes them anticipate a reaction that is going to be misleading.
Then the music stops and it goes to the real sound of the neighbourhood. This is because we make the audience hear the sound of reality so that hey go back to that relaxed feeling where we build up to the and scene to make them be jump out of their seats.

EVALUATION Q8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Comparing our preliminary task to our final product I can see that there were a lot of mistakes and improvements we could have made to our preliminary and that we have learnt and rectified a lot of the problems we found in the prelim, in our final product.


 Final product - Deadfall


Preliminary - Double Dealing



Mise en scene

In our prelim looking at the mise en scene I can see some mistakes that we have learnt from and not repeated in our final thriller. For example the actual location of the prelim was in a pretty well lighted/ bright room and it didn’t really give of the sinister feeling we were hoping for, in our final product we tried to make sure that our location was suitable like during the computer scene with ayub we especially picked a dark room so that it would make him seem more like a villain and it represented his character better.


Also in the prelim there are posters on the wall when Julien is being tied up and although do not detract too much from the scene it wouldn’t have been too hard to remove these posters and replace them after, however at the time we didn’t notice it and as such from these mistakes we tried to pay more attention to the items in view during filming our final thriller, removing objects that could reduce the effectiveness of the mood we were trying to set.


Compared to the prelim our editing in the final product has improved greatly things like the match cuts which didn’t flow correctly together for example in the pictures below (0:28) we see the hand is resting on the counter and in the next clip we see the hand in the air. We have learnt from this and in our final we have made sure that we cut the clips so they exactly begin where the last clip ends. A good example of a match cut in our final is right near the beginning at 0:15 seconds we see Julien about to close the door and the next shot shows him closing the door fully from a different angle this match cut flowed a lot more nicely compared to the ones in our prelim.


Also the main piece of editing that we made sure we improved on in our final was tightening up our edits between clips. As you can see at 0:55 before ayub opens the door and at the start of the next clip there is a little pause that we could have cut out and because we didn’t that part looked unprofessional and did not flow well. From these mistakes we tried our best to make sure the clip transitions were smooth and that scenes began with the characters already in motion so this doesn’t make our video seem blocky.

The shot to the left is an example of one of the bad shots that we had in our prelim film. The first one shows a big unused space to the left with only a small part of the character in the shot and he is also partly blocking the view of the tap so his hands are hidden. We had quite a few shots like this one during our filming but after playing them back we were able to identify problems like this and knew not to use them.

The picture on the right is from our final thriller showing Julien doing something similar to the one in our prelim and is a much better shot since it takes up most of the screen and there is nothing blocking the audience’s view of what the character is doing.


Since we all did sound together as a group for both the prelim and final thriller, I think that it was pretty important on finding something that most of us agreed on, because there were some sounds which I may have liked but the other members of my group disliked and so we had to compensate for all our opinions. On the prelim we had less time to find something that went well nicely with our thriller so we could have probably found something better with time which we hopefully have with our final product. Another thing which I we improved upon in our final were the sound levels. In our prelim the sound effects we used just cut out instantly which did not run as smoothly as it did in our final, because in the final we used fade ins and fade outs which were easier on the ears and progressed well.

In both our prelim and final product I believe we target a similar audience that being males in the 20-30 year old range. I think that we have targeted these audiences through the use of violence and the crime elements which are more towards the male side of the genre ‘spectrum’.

The institution we worked with candi media studios and Four aces production. We were considering using the candi media studios indent but the problem with that is that our film was already too long and so if we added the indent, our thriller would have run over the time time limit that we had, so we couldn't use their indent

During our prelim I was unaware that there were any specific conventions that we had to follow such as the order of the title sequence which is why our titles were in no specific order, however after researching the titles from other films we found out that we did have to follow a convention and we can see this in our final product.

Throughout this whole experience we have learnt that communication between our group members is very important for things to be successful. We had to make sure on locations and times we were meeting up. Also during the filming we believed that it was a good thing for us to have disagreements on certain things so that as a group we could discuss it and find the best options available to us. We also mentioned possible ideas and possibilities throughout our filming process and I believe that this lead to a better product than it would of if we did not communicate well, as a group.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Viewing Group 13's Thriller Opening at the Cinema


Edited Image of Screen on the Green of Group 13's Thriller Film

On Tuesday 5 April, the whole media class in our school went to view each others Thriller Openings. We all went to the 'Screen on the Green' cinema. Our group was very excited because we were going to watch our Thriller on the big screen. 

As we were watching our Thriller film, we saw and heard the audience reaction. I heard the people gasping out of fright when they saw the ending scene when Ayub was at the back seat, grabbing hold of  a bewildered Julien and suffocating him. I also heard laughter during the scene when Ayub is at the computer and finally finds Julien's location to which Ayub says 'Yes'. This response of laughter in this scene wasn;t supposed to be humorous. But I talked to "Faysal", a member of the audience, a'd told him 'What was it about that particular scene with Ayub on the computer saying YES was so funny?' , he replied by saying that ' The only reason why I was laughing just like the rest of the audience was because his voice sounded very funny '. This was understandable because firstly, when we recorded that scene, we didn't use a microphone and he isn't a professional actor who doesn't know how to project his voice in a movie. What i saw during our movie was the reactions from the audience members. I saw people jump out of the seat when Ayub popped out behind the back seat and suffocating Julien. Our intention of the Thriller movie was to start the beginning scene as a typical normal day of the character that Julien played and to have the climax of Ayub during the ending of that scene.