Sunday, 19 December 2010

List of Thriller Sub-Genres and Which Inspires You At the Moment and Why

Sunday 19th December 2010

There are many different types of 'Thriiler' movies. In this case it is called a 'Hybrid Genre' - a Thriller mixed with another Genre.
Some of these Hybrid Genres for Thriller Movies are:
  • Supernatural Thriller  e.g Signs
  • Psychological Thriller  e.g The Shinning
  • Action Thriller  e.g Phone Booth
  • Innocent on the Run  e.g Enemy at the State
  • Acquired Identity  e.g Momento
  • Political Thriller  e.g The Firm
  • Murderous Passion  e.g Fatal Attractions
The Sub Genre that inspires me at the moment is Psychological Thrillers because unlike horror movies that are made for the audience to be scared by monsters and ghouls which are people in masks and makeup, Psychological Thrillers plays with the audiences mind, a very hard skill to do. The Psychological Thriller movie that I watched that does this perfectly is called 'The Shinning', this movies perfectly optimises what a Psychological Thriller movie is supposed to do, what is more mind chilling in this movie is the sinister sharp background music that is played when something bad is about to happen which we are left wondering whats going to happen, one specific part in the movie is when we as an audience are following the boy in the bike driving around the hotel, the camera is positioned at the back of the bike near to the floor so we are seeing what the boy is seeing, we are also left in a vulnerable position which is the ground as we are looking up - a sign in the subconscious that something is going to appear but we don't know what, the sinister music is being played while the mise en scene is just plain simple, we as an audience are clearly left in a position of unawareness as the music starts to gradually become more and more loud with very sharp sounds that makes us feel uncomfortable and scared.

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