Sunday, 19 December 2010

Detailed Analysis of Thriller Clip in Class

Sunday 19th December 2010

The Analysis that I will be doing on the Thriller Clip from class will be on the film 'Momento'. I really like this particular movie when I watched the first couple of minutes in class, I never heard about this movie but when i watched the beginning in class, it made me want to watch the whole movie.

The Sub-Genre for the Movie 'Momento' is a Murderous and Action Thriller.

In the beginning of the scene, there is an over the shoulder, close up shot of a hand holding onto a photograph. The first impression that you get of the movie is from that photograph which consists of a dead body that is covered with blood. Instantly we are asking questions like who is this body, who killed this person and why. We are taken into the movie with expectations of violence.

 After this particular scene, we are being taken back in time, from the end to the beginning of the scene of the person being dead. The mise en scene for this scene is placed in a basement where its underground so that the killer wants this to happen where no one can hear or see which shows that this murder that is being taken place is done secretly as most common action thriller movies are. It is in a confined area where their is hardly any light to show the killers' state of mind which connotes anger, hatred, vengeance etc. As the use of turning back in time is being done, we get aspects of the victims personals such as the glasses that he wears which might show that this guy is old and maybe educated with glasses being a stereotype for clever people. We also see a single bullet shell on the floor to show that the death was quick and simple. The killer was in a suit to show that this person is an average normal guy and not a typical killer with a ski mask.

The editing of this scene is very slow and smooth as we go to one scene to another, it contradicts a typical killer as it would be very fast paced. Each scene flows smoothly with another to show how detailed and percise the death was with one single shot, to show the after effect of what happened to the body and all its personals like the glasses.

The sounds that was being played was vey suspencful music with sharp notes to make the scene more sinister and very unhappy.

The titles in the beginning were very simple just appearing and dissapearing with a blue colour font. I think the use of the colour blue is done because blue is associated with the sky, as people day dream, something to do with the mind.  

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